Thursday, July 17, 2014

Daily Round-Up - 17th July 2014

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Elliott wave analysis of EUR/GBP - Long term target reached, look for a bottom soon (The Elliott Wave Surfer)
With a low printed at 0.7887, we are just 4 pips above the target-area between 0.7868 - 0.7883. Whether we will see a perfect test of the target-area or not it not important to my, what's important is, that a long term bottom should be expected soon for a major rally.

Rpower: How to interpret impulsive and corrective waves? (Elliott Wave India)
It is a classical example that shows clear 5 waves on upside with faster retracement of wave v confirming a reversal. Also note that wave v is truncated which suggests that we should see a sharp move on downside which is its typical post pattern implication.


brazil etf 30m

On June 27th we published a short article about the Brazil ETF index, stating that there is a perfect 5-3 Elliott Wave setup waiting to be caught. “If this is the correct count, the 50.00 mark is supposed to be exceeded by the Brazil ETF index. This scenario would be invalidated, if prices go back to the start of the whole pattern at 45.77.”

Wave Analysis: DJIA Index, Crude Oil ( 

Crude Oil

Oil is still being corrected after the impulse formation inside wave 1 or A. In the near term, quotes are expected to continue rising inside bullish wave 2 or B.


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