Join Us

I will like to reach out to Elliott Wave bloggers, non-bloggers and aspiring bloggers who wish to share their view, charts and analysis in Elliott Wave.

Blog Owners
If you already own a blog, feel free to contact me(at with your name and site URL. I will add any blog that talks about Elliott Wave. You can be a Analyst, Trader or just the average Joe like me sharing his EW journey. As long as I feel that there is something that people can benefit from reading your blog, I will add it into my site.
If you do not have a blog but still want an opportunity to share your thoughts and views on Elliott Wave, feel free to contact me at for a discussion.
I aim to be as permissive as possible but there will be some guidelines to adhere to so that readers can benefit from it.
* Only original content relevant to Elliott Wave.
* No obscenities, profanities or vulgarities.
The above guidelines are not exhaustive and are subjected to changes but I will try to keep it as open and simple as possible.

Aspiring Bloggers
If you are contemplating on setting up your own blog, I’ll be glad to assist and to let you use my site as a stepping stone.