Tuesday, January 20, 2009

EURUSD coming under pressure

Hi Guys,

Finally EURUSD went off the key level. 1.3000.

As per my LT view, which was shown in the last EURUSD post, the pair had to break in any one direction. Finally it has done that.

If anyone had shorted as per my earlier chart : @1.3110, he/she is already in Profit. The pair is down almost 2oo pips since morning.

Again , see this chart. Now ST view.

I am being specific now. Sell Short again. But remain in the area. (the yellow highlighted one) . If it breaches upwards, be careful and exit.

happy trading.


Financial Journalist said...

Thanks for your opinion. I think EURUSD is oversold. I had placed a working order to short EURUSD at 1.3200.

Currently I have buy position on EURJPY at 116.47.