Friday, February 20, 2009

The Dow Fall Begins.....

For all those of my critics who were saying that risk aversion is over and the economic indicators are getting positive, please see the chart above and the Dow Close for Feb 19th 2009.

I had posted and recommended that DOW must close down 7500 level. This now brings us a more thrilling question. What is next? For Bulls, save your guns, as i think the bounce might come, But not now. I fear, though i don;t want, another leg down and in a massive way. Like 200-300 Points decline in a day, so we come near or at 7000 DJI level. That will finally pull out new bulls and harras bears.

Anyways, i will write more over the weekend, with more interesting charts.

Cheeers.....If you can :)