Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gbp/Usd Wave 3 in Progress


Neto said...

Looking for GBPUSD downward move too! Thank you for your information.

TS Hennessy said...

I have an expectation for only a bit more down yet.

It is because of the new rule which allowed a
30 year benchmark count to be made for Gbp/Usd.

In sync with the count you show for Eur/Jpy but
with a different labeling we will get above
1.70 on Cable and only then go to below 1.35 low.

But the most range in the Yen Eur Cable crosses
which are in same basic layout will be the
GBP/JPY so as that reverses soon it will be the
longest ride north.

You may get The New Elliott Wave Rule Book
free, no emails or strings. I've known about it
for 4 years and couldn't keep quiet any longer.

The New Elliott Wave Rule

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Dave said...

[1] looks like a zigzag to me for A
[2] another zigzag for B.
1 looks like a
2 looks like b
and 3 looks like a impulsive c to complete C

but anything can happen. usually does...