Friday, May 21, 2010

EURUSD Elliott Wave Charts


Fff said...

I master here Carlos from Marketrend.
Fantastic work. Do you have twitter will be nice have your feedback and follow you there.
My twitter is
Twitter is very good to have more visitors=more feedback.
I can help you just need to send me a msg.
Enjoy your sunday master.
Can you put here thought to EURGBP long term view.
Cheers bro!!

euromaster said...

hi the 4hour chart you have labeled i think that it shld be an extesion as if you look at the daily chart it is shorter than wave one of large degree

Vijay Sharan said...

hi euromaster,

Wave 3 can be shorter than wave 1 but elliott wave rule says that Wave 3 cant be shortest of wave 1 & wave 5.

So my count is not breaking any rules, so i think this count is still valid.