Monday, January 31, 2011

Eur/Usd Daily Chart By Tom


Attitude928 said...

OK...the EURO didn't work out for me either...How about a chart for long term US Treasury Bonds? Thanks!

Jujuba.clara said...

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The Daily E-mini Trader said...

Wow! nice blog. I will have to check back daily. thanks!


Stock said...

Fear Factor, ACT, PMEI and another free BPT newsletter in full!
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Breakpoint Trades is also the "Real Deal" IMHO when it comes to Tech. Elliot, Fibonacci, Patterns, studies and indicators are their meat and potatoes, as is mine. You can't watch it, but you can condense 5 hours of research into about 15 minutes (I skim through the newsletters personally when market is not moving that fast. I set up alerts based on the specific stock watchlists that they provide.

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kingich said...

nice analysis, looking forward to read you



Deutschland said...

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Chip said...

Great stuff as usual.

I think it is interesting what has happened in the last week, Greece problems, Bernanke admiting US is crappy, and oil problems too. A crazy week, I am guessing there is a bigger move coming on the market.

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