Thursday, July 10, 2014

Daily Round-up - 10th July

Your daily digest of Elliott Wave analysis, news, views, features and more.


Nifty Path Ahead movement exactly as expected! (Elliott Wave India)"Nifty has touched the level of 7800 and came exactly towards the upper end of the target as expected.The below chart clearly shows the expected path showed on 23rd June 2014 morning research report itself with clear Elliott wave counts and the path shown.."

7590 Broken - What's Next !!!(Nifty for All)"Yesterday wrote that 7590 may support, but broken and fell. Now above chart explain again there is a support @ 7580 along with channel. 61.8% fib level also there to support the Bull. But Moving average cross over not looking good."

Will Nifty Cross 7800 Again – Elliot Wave Analysis of Nifty for 09 July 2014 ("In my previous post, I warned on chart that Nifty may retest the levels of 7650-7600 before any big up move when Nifty closed at 7751 after giving high of 7758 on Friday. Though I could not predict exact levels of reversal at it was advance analysis and I predicted reversal from 7780 levels but nifty made top at 7808".

"Gold has been trading in a range recently, moving sideways between 1306 and 1333. When we happen to see this type of hesitation, there is one particular pattern, which comes into mind – the triangle. Triangles precede the final movement of the larger sequence. Let’s see how it fits into our wave count this time."


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