Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Nifty Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Analysis 25 May 2015

Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Analysis of Nifty- as Discussed in the earlier update on Nifty Elliott Wave and Fibonacci analysis,the abc on the downside till 8000 was a 3 wave abc subdivision (<a href="http://ruchirgupta.co.in/nifty-elliott-wave-analysis-20-may-2015/" target="_blank">to read the Previous Report, click here</a>). Which was making a case for a Flat or a Triangle, and suggesting the upmove till 8680 in 3 waves, the present upmove till 8490 which we have seen till now could only be the wave 'a' of the larger (B)wave on the upside. Now, it seems that wave A is over on the upside, wave B in 3 waves must unfold on the downside, which can get supports at 8240 and 8185 areas. After, which a final C wave must follow completing the (B) wave.

To read the full report clink here - http://ruchirgupta.co.in/nifty-elliott-wave-and-fibonacci-analysis-25-may-2015/


Unknown said...

Your prediction is accurate and good. you are doing incredible work.
Keep it up.... Thanks
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Ruchir Gupta said...

Thanks Astha :) I would say I am not predicting any thing and just telling which direction has more probability.