Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ceat By Abhishek Mittal

Ceat Tyres has witnessed a strong move from 600 to 1300 odd levels. But looking at the elliot
wave structure for the stock it seems that it is time to book partial profits from the stock. We had a well extended 5th wave post which a sharp retracement was seen(Marked wave A) One should utilize this bounce back to book profits in the stock because generally after an extended 5th wave prices generally come down to wave 2 of the 5th wave.  More conservative traders should use a stoploss of 1170 to exit any long positions in the stock. Below 1170 it may fall to around 1050...!!


Anonymous said...

What people are NOT looking at is that A spooky stock market signal just went off!! See here => http://www.bit.ly/1jQPB7U.

Every kept calling for a crash not 1 week ago, and we are shooting higher. WOW!