Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nifty Elliot Wave Analysis by tradingwithabi.blogspot.in

As per the lvl mentioned onto our previous post Nifty struggling to close above 7960,
As per the Market Structure it looks like (leading Diagnol) we are going to have a Trend Reversal from the Resistance lvl.

Resistance Stands @ 7960-8015-8040


Tiru said...

Hi abhi, how can it be a 5 wave impulse as pointed on your chest , if the fourth wave overlaps second wave.

Abhishek said...

Overlap is allowed incase of Diagnol. (Leading/Ending)

tiru said...

yes,but it had been proved wrong by todays fall,what i felt was it was a corrective wave,abc with complex correction mode.any new wave counts from ur side.i am in learning phase.pls dont mind if i am wrong.

Abhishek said...

It has been proved wrong after today's move??? Really.It is clearly mentioned we are going to have a trend reversal..so it has been buddy try to take hold of the lvl 7960 wasn't able to be breached even single closing session.

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