Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Nifty Forecast Daily based on Elliott Wave Analysis

 Deepak Kumar updates Elliott Wave Analysis of Nifty daily on his blog SWEEGLU Elliott Wave.

Analysis covers detailed waves analysis of Nifty on Monthly Chart, daily Chart, Hourly and 15 minutes charts.

Analysis on every chart is explained in details with wave counts, Fibonacci calculation, important levels and probable outlook.

Let me show the example of Nifty Wave Analysis. 

Look at these charts.

These chart are from Elliott Wave Analysis of Nifty for 21 oct 2020. Deepak Kumar updates these charts daily and post on his blog on daily basis by 10;30 PM.

At last, Nifty forecast for next day is updated after combining probable conditions on all the charts.

This analysis is helpful for preparing Nifty trading strategies for Intraday, short term or medium term. Even option buyers and Nifty options writers can get huge benefit out of this analysis.

Those who are learning Elliott Wave Analysis or practicing wave analysis can get huge benefits by seeing practical analysis and wave counts everyday.