Friday, October 2, 2020

WD Gann Astro Cycle Online Workshop

WD Gann Astro Cycle Webinar for Timing and Trading in upcoming cycles in Stocks

on SUNDAY, 11 OCTOBER Online.

Cycles Covered:

As of now 19 Cycles

  • Nifty, Bank Nifty
  • Silver,Crude, Gold, NG, Nickel, NG, Copper, Cardamom
  • HDFC, PNB, M&M;, Eicher Motar, SRTransport, Maruti

In past we conducted webinars & seminars for 10k to12k ,with only 5-6 cycles.

Price to Learn these cycles is 5k to 10k per cycle when learned one to one individually, Average 7.5k per cycle

  • For 19 Cycles Price amounts to INR 1,42,500 , But you get Just for INR 3,699.
  • This price will increase as the days pass.
  • The Fees is a steal at current price even if you are interested in just one cycle, you are getting all other Eighteen cycles for Free.

Click on the Link below to Fix your spot limited seats, first come first serve basis.

Watch this page for Q&A;

Gann Entry and Exit technique applicable to other Strategies
Gann Stop revision and profit locking system

Benefits of this seminar:

Planet Data in Excel
Highly accurate cycles
Cheaper cost
Online learning