Tuesday, July 13, 2021


Free Webinar on GCD Scanner India Version, Sunday 11th July 11AM IST

There have been hell lot of queries about Gann Cycle Decoder (GCD).

but there are even more queries on the workings of Scanner.

Problem is that I always refrained from showing the Scanner and after a lot of Thought I am coming up with this Live Demo class on Scanner of India Version in HINDI

Link - https://training.ruchirgupta.co.in/register-live1

There are so many questions about it like:

✅ How Often does it gets updated?

✅ How many Stocks it can give in a month?

✅ How many F&O Stocks can I get?

And many more questions

In this Master Class I am going to show you live Scanner, how quickly it pulls out the stocks with high returns, with use of filters. 

Link - https://training.ruchirgupta.co.in/register-live1

 I also want you to

✅ Switch off all the Distractions like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, etc

✅ Try to Attend from a Laptop/ Computer.

✅ Ensure good Internet Speed.

Time: 11 AM IST

Date: 11th July 21, SUNDAY

Duration: 2 Hours


Link - https://training.ruchirgupta.co.in/register-live1