Saturday, November 2, 2019

Financial Astro and Gann Course

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Gann Square of Nine: Unknown Methods

Sunday, October 6, 2019


(Diwali Gift from Sweeglu Elliott Waves)
We are sharing most accurate and profitable trading strategy based on Elliott Wave Theory to all. This trading strategy is one of the Masterpiece from the treasure of our years of research and observations.
Most important thing about this strategy is that trades can deliver handsome profit with minimum risk even if we are wrong in overall wave counts.

This 38% retracement breakout strategy works best for Intraday and Short Term Trades.
For professional Analysts and Researchers, it would be the interesting subject for their research and experience because it has immense scope to be refined.
This Single Trading Strategy worth more than most of the costly Books and Courses available in market. It is not just the theory but we proved it with real time example on real charts.

This single strategy can transforms your analysis and trading skills to professional levels if you grasp the concept. And we explained it in such a arranged manner that even a newbie can understand.
Explanation is bit lengthy because we tried to explain the concept in such a way that anyone can understand. Read the full strategy carefully and we are confident that it will add something very effective in your analysis/trading experience.
Take it as Diwali Gift from Sweeglu Elliott Waves.
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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Monthly Course: Gann, Financial Astro, Elliott Waves and other methods

This Navratra we are starting a monthly Astro Gann Learning Course that will be run on a Telegram Channel.
1. We will cover Gann, Financial Astro, Elliott Waves and other methods relevant for timing and pricing via telegram, videos and webinars and documents.
2. Each month we will build upon the learning of previous month.
3. Study guidance on what to study, which book n which chapter to study.(will be giving the source for the book to download)
4. Each month new lessons via telegram msgs, Videos, webinars, ebooks, notes and documents.
5. Traders or Investors both can join, New or old Traders, Part time or Full time Traders, Equity or Commodity or Currency Traders, Cash, Futures or Options Traders, Intraday or Positional Traders interested in learning can join.
6. Relevant Queries related to lessons can be mailed. Which will be solved in via telegram messages, recorded videos, webinars and notes.
As a bonus , I will be sharing the Astro cycles working in market (Atleast 2 Astro Cycles each Month)
1. The course will be English Language. After all you will have to read material which will be in English.
2. Every month you will be mailed one or Two lessons which you will have to finish.
3. You can leave the course at any month you want, once left there is no option to rejoin. The more you continue , the more you will learn and build upon previous knowledge
4.Only option to join from first month. We can take students till 10th Oct 19. Once the course starts, we cant take students. Only possible time the new batch may start is next Navratras after one year.
For enquiry Call 9005979886
Free Telegram Channel: