Monday, February 2, 2009

EW Books

Elliott Wave Principle: Key to Market Behavior
By Robert Prechter

This is one of the best book to read and get a comprehensive understading on the Elliott Wave. This is for anyone trying to identify the Elliott Wave in any market or just interested in the technical analysis tools. Clear pics with easy to read style of writing.

Links to the Book
  1. (To Buy)
  2. Google Books (Free Preview)
  3. Elliott Wave Intl (To Buy)


Alexandrine said...

Its my favorite Elliott wave book, like EW Bible.

Vijay Sharan said...

Yup, its the great book to start learning Elliott Wave Principle.

krishnamurthy said...

undoubtably a cool book !! Lucid wave counting presented in the book makes it easy for any amateur to get a feel of elliott wave pattern . Must read !!