Tuesday, October 27, 2009

By User: GBP-JPY alternate count

Posted By : Epifanio Pineda
This is my count of the GBP-JPY pair, I´m counting the rally as complete five waves instead in the fourth retracement. What do you think?

Posted By : Epifanio Pineda
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Vijay Sharan said...

Hi Pineda,

Thanks for the chart,

its simple and accurate..

ind said...

no i still think 4 th bottoming now at 14800-14830

ind said...

bottom at 14768

qai said...

Good work pineda. I agree with your counting of the wave. As discussion, breaking up 151.17, will indicate that trend will bullish again to complete wave 5?

ind said...

qai-how can u agree with his count if u are still looking for a 5th wave ?????????????