Monday, December 14, 2009

By User: Gold and Silver

Posted By: Akshay chinchalkar

Isn't it true that the sentiment for the USD vis-a-vis gold and silver was at an opposite extreme? Am attaching a chart of what I think is likely to happen to gold and silver, i.e. the highest probability move in case the dollar has made a wave B/wave 2 bottom. Everyone pls note that this is what the markets might do with the highest probability, not to say there aren't alternate counts, but they have less chance of occurence. I could be wrong, but the glass could also be half full. Happy trading every1. I hope santa brings in the bucks for all of us elliotticians.


Robert Hammer said...

This is very appealing to the long term bear. I think this adds a key fundamental backing to the bear outlook. Take a look and take from it what you want... I'm not a buyer.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Robert.....sometimes the hardest things to read are that bcos not many can catch them. Keep up the good work!

Max Andronichuk said...

This is a great post.
I was just thinking about looking for a Silver Long set up but sadly I can't get my hands on silver charts.

Thanks alot for this work mate, nicely done.

Where do you think we could be looking for Silver to retrace?

Robert Hammer said...

Yeah, this is a good post. I sure hope it works out, the sheer amount of gold bugs out are going to put up a fight. I can't wait till gold is under 700 and us Ellioticians are the only buyers around.

Max Andronichuk said...

Hahaha, that would be a great great day!

My problem is that I am in the UK and can't get my hands on Gold in terms of GBP!

Is there ANY chance you could do a post looking at gold and silver in terms of GBP?

This is a big ask, and hopefully I will be able to get the data for them somewhere.

Many thanks

akshay chinchalkar said...

Max, since u r really keen (to me it looks like u'd do anything to get ur hands on them...hahaha....just kiddin), i will post them tomorrow after analysing them.