Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wave count for S&P500 By Shekhar

S&P 500 close to a significant top. Look at the chart below. Be careful!!


kkandru said...

I'm thinking of 1900+ would be end of upward impulse started from 1733 level. What could be your target?

Apart from EW TA , upcoming high on 1900 level breaks the channel on SPX drawn from 2011 low.
From this perspective social mood will always be in going for higher highs.

I just happened to observe it as part of learning. And honestly not sure what’s going to stop going higher highs.

This’s one area of confusion, pls share some thoughts.


Anonymous said...

We may expect sharp correction from here

kkandru said...

Thx. Is the target of correction towards 1610 level? That's what I see atleast.

Pls commnet

Unknown said...

i was alerted on march 8 sharp correction will expect soon now its start